Thats why I beat up hookers - Sons of Anarchy thread

I’ve been enjoying this show so far. The main plot isn’t really that gripping, but the little throw away stuff like the prospect riding around on a mini motorcycle and the necrophilia dialog at the morgue amuse me enough to keep watching. What do you guys think?

Watched the first few episodes but couldn’t get myself “addicted” to it. I think about that same time, the fall season started and I just switched over to the new seasons of the shows I was watching last year. It wasn’t bad though.

Did Jax ever make a play at move the gang towards his father’s vision?

I like it quite a lot, but pretty much figure that it’s much too violent and depraved for most people. Some of the violence seems thrown in more for the sake of it than because there would be any practical reason for it to happen.

The three main actors are all doing a great job and the script varies from decent to quite good. If it only goes for one or two seasons I think it will be quite good, since we’ll be able to get Jax’s full arc and whatever it entails, without losing track of it too much.

And yeah that one dude (“That’s why I beat up hookers”) is certainly messed up, but it just reminds me of a bit from an Andrew Vachss book where this guy is saying, “Now I’m sure you’ve got some scary fuckers who don’t just view pulling out toenails and raping asses as a job, but really get into their work. Yeah? Well the point is, I’VE got some guys like that too, just remember that.” From a practicality standpoint, having the one dude that everyone in the club is scared of, is probably a big part of Clay being able to stay on top. So his presence doesn’t bother me, it just strikes me as realism.

What Sage said. “Tig” is the Paulie Walnuts (fm. The Sopranos) of Sam Crow.

I like the show so far; it’s going to be a lot like The Shield once it hits its stride, and the actors/writers have more of an established “feel” for each other.

Not yet, as of right now they are still rebuilding the gun factory and selling the heavy firepower to various california gangs.

I’m really liking SAMCRO. Nobody is completely good or evil and their motivations are complex. I am very fond of the way they end each episode with really good music. Last week “I can’t get used to losing you” and this week “Fortunate Son”.

They don’t make the guns, they are middle men from their Irish importers to the 19ers and now the 19ers enemies, the Mayans. So it was a warehouse, not a factory.

The guns come in disassembled, and some assembly is required judging by that episode with the septic tank. I do love how they are supplying rival gangs with automatic weapons though, definitely a contrast from Vic and the Armenian gun haul in The Shield.

It’s been slow getting started, but I can see this show becoming one of those all consuming excellent crime dramas. I’ve been totally sucked in to it of course and I think I’ll be glad to say that I saw it from the beginning without having to catch up. It’s already been picked up for another season and I hope that they keep hitting stride with the scripts.

I do wish that they’d lose the farings on the bikes, stop wearing their cuts in cars (a big no no in the real world) and that Jax would lose those damned white tennis shoes and pull his pants up. Oh, and the cuts need way more patches on them too, and to be a bit more road crusty. There’s no way that Clay’s patch should be just as shiny and white as Jax and Opie’s if he’s an original member from the 60’s.