Sons of Anarchy 10/22

Ok, this show is really coming into it’s own. I’ve enjoyed the first few episodes, but last night I saw a glimpse of the possibilities that this show has. I was on the edge of my seat last night when

Josh appeared in Tara’s house after Jax left. I was begging that he’d come back and find them so that he could fix Josh’s wagon again, but I didn’t see Tara actually getting his gun and shooting him first. I did think it was a bit creepy that Jax and Tara decided to have sex next to his dead body, but hey, whatever. I suppose if a guy shoots a federal agent in the head in your house to save you, then maybe that’s what you do. Shit though, Jax killed a fed. That’s not going to work out too well methinks.

The previews for next week look like things are really going to start happening at an even faster pace. My enthusiasm for this show has just tripled.

Had a busy week, just saw this episode. It was very intense. I knew from the beginning what Tara should have done (and ended up doing). On the other hand, I wish Jax had come back before it progressed to that so Josh could’ve had a little more SAMCRO discipline.

This, along with The Shield, is one of the best shows on network television. I’m ready for the next installation on Wednesday.