Sons of Anarchy - Season 2 Thread

The new season starts at 10pm tonight on FX.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get it from or iTunes. Currently, only Amazon seems to be releasing it online (which sucks.)

I missed the first season but read a synopsis at wikipedia,and was mostly able to follow what was happening. I was surprised that the actor who plays Jax was the same one I had seen in some other mostly UK things. He plays a US biker type surprisingly well. Two things I didn’t quite get - 1) why did they pin Donna’s hit on the Mayans? I thought they were on good terms with them? and 2) Who is the cop guy? He seems fairly close to Jax, but the Nazi guys seem to think they can woo him with helping to get rid of the SOA. Also, I get that the baby’s Mom was a meth addict and this caused problems, but exact medical problems does the baby have?

Hale and Jax are on speaking terms, but Hale wants to get rid of the outlaws. Hale’s story line is going to be “is the devil you know better than the worse ones out there if the devil takes your soul”. Jax has been set up as a character to have a code of loyalty and not hurting non-enemies. This brings him into conflict with Clay, who is about wielding power at any cost. Gemma, Jax’s mother and Clay’s wife thinks she can get Jax to see the world her way and turn Jax into another Clay. She clearly hasn’t read Hamlet, or if she did, she missed the allegory.

Gemma and her family, including Jax’s older brother who died as an infant have a congenital heart problem (Jax has a good heart, get it? So the defect skipped him.) But the baby boy was born with a severe problem. Dr. Tara, Jax’s girlfriend is the all purpose doctor who just graduated med school and came back to town in time to perform cardiac surgery on the premie infant. This, of course, is a specialty in medicine that is gained after years of practice and not done by new surgeons in small towns. It takes a team of skilled CT doctors to pull off infant cardiac surgery.

Nope. They’re both motorcycle clubs, but they’ve been at war, either hot or cold, throughout the first season. In fact, the first episode started with the Mayans stealing Samcro’s guns and torching their assembly house. As to why Clay pinned the hit on them, his original plan was to pin it on the Niners, but Jax and Piney had a sit down with their leader (well, Piney went in alone to kill the Niners’ boss because he was convinced the hit came from him, and Jax raced to stop him) which eliminated them as suspects. So Clay really only had two options left : pin it on the Mayans, or the Nords. Gangsta hit-and-run isn’t exactly the Nords’ style (in fact, the Nords don’t really have any muscle), so…

He went to school with Jax, and both of them respect the other despite being on different sides of the law - they both adhere to the same kind of noble ethics, and they both really want Charming to be a nice place to live. That said, Hale and the Chief of police butt heads a lot, because the Chief is in Clay’s pocket (and thinks Samcro is the lesser evil, compared to more violent gangs and corporate interests moving into Charming) while Hale is much more of a boy scout - he won’t tolerate anyone breaking the law in his town, no matter why. Not an “end justify means” person at all.

He had three main problems. One, a congenital heart defect (courtesy of Gemma’s genes), two he was born with his abdomen open and his guts hanging out, and three he was born way premature (three or four weeks IIRC) so his entire morphology and immune system are weak.

I love Sons of Anarchy! What did you guys think of the season opener?

Is everyone okay with open spoilers for the current season? I didn’t want to post any season 2 stuff without asking…

Open spoilers are fine by me. I don’t read the thread till I’ve watched the episode.

(Dammit, I had to go with Amazon. I was hoping it would appear on one of the others this morning.)

Pinning the hit on the Mayans seems like it could have serious blow-back for Sam Crow. Alvarez let Happy ice pick his son to seal the jail house deal with Clay last season. The terms of the deal meant beefs with Mayans got settled in SOA’s favor and Clay agreed to deal guns to the Mayans at the same rate he deals to Laroy & the Niners.

Clay and Tig already betrayed the Mayans to the Niners but the way that went down it seems like the SOA has plausible deniability with Alvaraez. Since Jax covered up Oapie’s anarchy sign on the dead Mayan maybe the SOA can still deal with Niners and Mayans.
So did Clay blow it by pinning it on the Mayans or was that treaty already blown to hell? I agree, he didn’t really have many options.Okay, shouldn’t Oapie be suspicious as hell? I guess it’s normal for Jax to discourage torture but Tig conveniently shooting the Mayan in the face!? I know he’s grieving but I think Oapie’s going to figure it out pretty damned quickly the way things are going.

Groovy, I shall cease the annoying spoiler boxes.:slight_smile: Yeah, what’s up with Amazon? They used to be cool and then they went all darkside. I stopped buying from them but I really miss low prices and free shipping - bastards.

Since we’re not worried about spoilers, HOLY SHIT, poor Gemma. I detest rape as a plot point but based on the season preview it looks like they’re going to use it well. Henry Rollins was scary as fuck all. I like Adam Arkin but man alive that lisp gets annoying.

This is going to be interesting because it looks like not only are the Sons going to be fighting multiple outside enemies (skinheads, Mayans) but are also primed to have a huge internal conflict.

Totally! How the hell are Jax and Clay supposed to resolve their differences? I reviewed season one in preparation for two and it seems like WAY too much has happened to expect those two to kiss and make up. I really like this show and I’d love to see it come back for a lot of seasons but events unfold so quickly that it seems like they’re going to run out of road pretty soon.

I’ve been wondering how far they’d take the Hamlet parallel. Jax justified his inaction to Piney in this episode but if he doesn’t follow up on Donna’s murder it makes him seem a lot like the indecisive Danish prince. Jax doesn’t strike me as wishy-washy like Hamlet always did but of all the SOA, he is the most careful and hesitant. It makes me wonder if eventually we will see a Fortinbraus character. It could be argued that Jax doesn’t really need a foil though since nearly everyone around him is more willing to engage in criminal activity.

I suspect that it will bring them and the Mayans together. Jax got rid of the “A” that was cut into the guy, which doesn’t make a lot of sense if whatever war they have going with them is already as high as it can get.

SoA and the Mayans are certainly enemies, but I think that they’re basically satisfied with the turf they have, so long as the other guy doesn’t try and trespass. With the white supremacists trying to kick both groups out, they’re stepping on both teams’ turf.

Well that ought to piss Oapie off and help bring the Donna conflict to a head. I can’t imagine Oap being too happy about Mayans, you know, EVER given what he knows.

If Jax keeps trying to steer Oapie isn’t Oap just going to get fed up and suspicious?

I’m interested in the new deal with the IRA. What kind of shenanigans will the fellahs get up to in Oregon and Washington?

Also, Half-Sack, I want the poor bastard to get his top rocker but I’m afraid they’ll kill him off first. bites nails

Pardon the interruption, but I’ve only seen the preview for the show, and that preview (the one about some improbably young and beautiful doctor lady who just can’t help ripping the shirt off some improbably young and beautiful murderous biker) made this show seem, well, shallow and credulity-straining. Is the actual show more meaningful and well, believable than the preview, or should I not bother? (sorry for the hijack).

It’s vaguely based on Shakespeare (Hamlet) and certainly doesn’t hold any punches. The doctor lady’s acting is pretty poor compared to the rest of the crew in season 1 (she hasn’t bothered me in S2), but the rest of the crew is amazing.

If anything will turn you off the show it will be violence and gore, not vapidness. It’s tightly written and the characters all have a strong, working brain.

Hmm. Interesting premise.

Based on what we saw in this episode, it looks like the skinheads are going to have that dude from the XFiles selling drugs and are going to try and pin it on the SOA.

She seems like she is pretty good at getting walked on by men. Maybe she will wind up being Ophelia.

Or Jax’s ex-wife will come back.

You can say that again.
Am I the only one who thinks Jax is playing a very dangerous game by openly telling Clay he knows where the hit came from ? I mean, sure, Jax isn’t one for deception, but still. Clay will probably not put a bullet in his skull because he’s too well liked by the club. Capping Tara, however ? Especially considering Gemma hates her in the first place ? I could see that happening.

I don’t at all. Clay knows the kid is smart, and would not want to give him a reason to wage war against him (and probably Trager) personally.

I meant in the event that Jax (or Piney) opted to do something about the information he’s got. As long as he shuts up, Clay saves face, and the club’s dysfunctionally hunky dory. But already Jax is starting to make a power grab (did you notice how he handled the negociations with the Irish ?)…

Hm…yeah, I suspect that what’s holding Jax back is that his first duty is to the SoA. Until the club can take a major blow and still go on strong, Clay is a necessary evil. He needs to be in a position where power can smoothly transfer to him (or someone) before he can make a move. He also needs someone else he can pin the killing on before he goes ahead.