Quake 4 - Why should I like this game?

I thought I got a deal when I saw Quake 4 at a flea market for $10.
After playing it, I’m wondering what the bargain is. It’s tedious to play with boring graphics, boring weapons and a unimaginative story line.
Am I missing something? Is my $10 a rip off?
P.S. - I am not a gamer.

You see, to me, video games are like porn.

There’s a plot? Who knew? Just fast forward to the action and get on with the killing.

Apparently Quake 3 was the pinnacle of the series. Quake 4 is apparently the same game with beefier graphics and with a slightly gimped multiplayer.

No, Quake 4 was absolutely bleeding rubbish. No redeeming features noticeable. Maybe just about value for money at ten bucks, but only just. Sorry.

I enjoyed it. I stopped playing once the game dropped me into the standard “alone behind enemy lines and omg there’s monsters” setting, but much of the beginning was entertaining as hell. I do really like it when a game makes me feel like I’m in the front lines of a war, and Quake 4 did that pretty well.

I don’t know if I’d call it a ground-breakingly awesome game, but I found it quite entertaining and fun to play with some neat scripted events, certainly worth $10.

Well I liked it. As another poster said, Computer Games are like Porn. You’re not supposed to be intellectually stimulated by them. They are to stimulate more primeval urges - in this case wasting monsters.