Quality Control and Brain Damage

Last December I became a Certified Quality Engineer with the American Society for Quality. It was a really big achievement for me as I had had a traumatic brain injury in 1995. I told many people about why my certification was relly important to me and one of my co-workers suggested that I submit it for publication in Quality Progress which is the magazine that the ASQ puts out to its membership. I decided that I would like to share this story with my friends at the SDMB, if they are interested. It is my story but it is now property of the American Society for Quality. They said that I could distribute it as long as I told people that they own it. Here is a link (it goes to a PDF file), let me know what you think:


Actually, I’m just trying desperately to maintain my moment in the sun for a little bit longer.

Congrats! Wonderful job you did there.
Not only that, but it’s a good story as well.
Sometimes the good guys win, huh?

What a story! I wish I had half the perseverance that you do. Remarkable!

As a fellow ASQ colleague, I am moved and inspired by your story. I believe I responded accordingly to another OP of yours months back.

Keep the course.

I can see why the American Society for Quality wanted to use this story - it’s great!

Congratulations on your accomplishments so far and good luck as you move forward. And thanks for sharing!