Queen Tribute Band

Gary Mullen and “The Works”.

I’m going to see them in March. Anyone seen the show? How was it?

Saw it twice. Honestly, once was enough for me, but it really makes my mom happy to go every year with her. We have tickets for the show in April.

I’m a huge Queen fan - my mom introduced me to the music at a very young age and they’ve been my favorite band ever since. Gary Mullen has the Freddie act down pat: his voice, his mannerisms, and costumes are spot-on. For songs that require fancier voicework (e.g. Bohemian Rhapsody and Flash Gordon, they have parts of the song play on tape.

It is a very enjoyable show. Mullen works the crowd very well, and they play all the radio hit songs. They do the same songs each year, which is why I said that once was enough for me. Maybe if they changed it up a bit, and slipped in Death on Two Legs or The Prophet’s Song, I might be a little more excited for the April show. But I must admit I love it when the show starts and the lights dim and all of a sudden the Flash Gordon intro plays… makes me happy every time!

I’m looking forward to it. Anyone else?