Question about a Death Valley trip

I’m going to be in Las Vegas in a week and a half, and I so want to go to Death Valley (my favorite place in the world!!) But I’ve had to regretfully say that I don’t see how it’ll work. I’m used to exercising outdoors in the heat, but 125 degrees is probably a little much even for me. What I was wondering is, could I at least drive through it in a rental car? Would that be a good idea?


I’ve been to Badwater in August. It was 128°F that day, but dry. The AC in the car handled it well, and sweating worked to prevent overheating on short walks.
If you bring water and don’t plan any 10 mile hikes at noon, you’ll be fine.

I was there in the late 1980s, and I remember seeing a sign beside the road warning motorists to turn off their AC to keep the cars from overheating.

It was suggested to us that we have at least one gallon of water per person in the car with us in case the car broke down for-whatever-reason. Should you break down, we were warned, do not leave your car. Depending on where you’re at, it could be a hell of a long walk to the nearest water source, and the chances of them finding you are better if you’re with your car. (Some of the places are kid of isolated, IIRC, and it might be a long while before another car comes along.)

Take a cell-phone, of course, but I’m not all that sure about signal strength.

I have never had AC in any car I have ever owned. It’s a philosophical issue… saving energy… yeah, that’s it… (looks shiftily around) Okay, it’s sheer cheapness, and I don’t like AC very much. I don’t ever seem to feel the heat as much as everybody else. Anyway, it sounds like it’ll be fine. :slight_smile: I actually may not even have the time to go all the way out to DV, but I’ll at least go through Red Rocks.

My parents camped there and did some walking around. Mom got faint and guzzled Gatorade which helped a little. She’s not in super shape so if she could do it you should be fine driving through. You know how when you are sleeping and your pillow gets hot so you flip it over for the cooler side? Pop tried that but the flip side was even hotter from having been against the ground.

There’s a swimming pool at Stovepipe Wells. Maybe you can get your exercise there. I don’t know if they take drop-ins, though.

You’ll be fine with your late model rental car. Just prepare like the others have said.

Figure out how much water you will need.
Double that number.
Add two quarts.
You should be fine