How are Dopers in the West handling the extreme heat?

Here in my neck of the woods, it’s overcast and cool. I’ve watched the Weather Channel and was informed that various places in the western states are experiencing triple digit heat events. How are you all handling this? I hope this situation breaks for you all soon.

It sucks. I’ve spent the past two days moving, so many pickup loads of furniture, appliances and boxes done in the 95f heat… yeah. Lots of fun.

And I’m off to move more stuff today. Wish me luck.

Central Valley, California, business as usual. Temps over 100-105 for a few days happens at least once or twice per summer.

Today’s temp is 106. You try to get everything done as early as possible then you try to avoid being outside.

At least it isn’t humid.

We’re not as bad off as CA and the southwest, but we’re in the 90s in Portland, probably for another week. We take our walk before breakfast, and by noon or so have the AC turned on. We had to cancel our RV trip for this week, as it’s even 90 in the mountains. Neither of us function very well in hot weather.

Cooking in my own skin. Houston has been in the low 100’s for the past few days with high humidity and it has stopped cooling off at night. Imagine the inside of a proofing oven. It is bad but this is Summer on the Gulf Coast.


Pfft. Amateurs.

No, but seriously, I’ve been hearing on BBC about temps in the 50s Celsius, which I think would be 120-something. That’s worse than here! Of course, we have the humidity too.

Pfff. It’s hot, sure, but it’s not humid. I’ll take our 95F dry over an 80F with humidity any day.

In the Netherlands, we have the third coolest summer in fifty years or so.

I just try to tell myself summer will come eventually.

Places like Vegas are pushing 116 or so Fahrenheit. 50 Celcius is 122 Fahrenheit, which has been reached in a couple places. Death Valley, California hit 127 F yesterday, or around 53 C. Death Valley also holds the world record for air temperature ever recorded at 134 F or 57 C which is another way of saying hotter than hell. There is a possibility of that record falling this weekend. The forecast there is for daily highs in excess of 51 C for the next ten days.

Needless to say, most places aren’t that bad, and most of the really hot places normally get hot during summer, but this is a bit more extreme than usual and of course tourists visiting those places from cooler climates are not accustomed to dealing with such heat.

The wife’s niece will be attending a convention in Los Angeles in July. She’s about 30 now. This will be her first trip abroad as an adult and first-ever to the US. Thais are used to thinking of the US as a cold country. I think she’s in for a surprise.

I live on the coast in Los Angeles so only about 85 right now but heading out to a barbecue where they say it is 110. Seriously considering passing on the barbecue.

I live in Tucson and it’s going to be 112 here today. And while miserable, we are well equipped to handle it. It is over 100 every year in May, June, July, August, September and October, so everywhere you go has lots of AC, and the public pools are cheap and widely available.

The time I suffered the worst in the heat was one summer that I spent in Toronto of all places. It was in the mid 90s, but no one had ACs or even fans, and it was totally miserable. It’s better to be someplace that is used to it.

It hit 117 here on Friday; I rather unfairly worked outside from 6 until 4.

Today is only expected to hit 112 but I have the luxury of staying indoors all day. I plan to take full advantage.

Here in Phoenix, Arizona, no sweat…

Of course, the reason is because of this guy:

Staying mostly indoors and only going out early in the morning or when the sun comes down. Heat advisory in effect for the last 3 days, and starting at 10:00 am. Seems early than other heat warnings from the past and heat records are being broken over here.

it’s 85 in Seattle and you’d think people are collapsing on the sidewalk from the way people talk.

we’re coping just fine.

It’s primarily people who have outdoor occupations and the very poor who are affected.

Most people simply move from air-conditioned homes to air-conditioned cars to air-conditioned workplaces to air-conditioned shopping places back to their air-conditioned homes.

I’m chillin’ at the spa right now. It’s a weird heat here because it’s humid;it’s almost never humid here.

This. It’s 86 at my house right now. Hubby’s hold up in the BR in the AC, but, I’m fine here.
Of course, I lived in Missouri for 10 years without AC. It’s really not that bad.

I’m in the San Fernando Valley and it’s going up to 113 today, currently around 102. I flew into LAX yesterday and it was a mild 80 outside the terminal, but then I got home and wham, boiling hot. I’m coping with it by not going outside. There’s nothing I have to do today that can’t wait a couple days, so I’m just not going to bother.