How are Dopers in the West handling the extreme heat?

I live in Tucson, too, and yes it is hellishly hot. I have AC, but most summers I run up a $180 a month electric bill, so I’m trying to build up my tolerance for the heat and run it only rarely. It stays about 90° in my house in the daytime, but at least I’m not outside in the direct sun. I’m running an electric fan in my bedroom and it makes it comfortable enough to sleep. I can handle the heat when I’m awake, but I can’t sleep if it’s too hot.

86ºF here (‘Feels like 89’). We have fans on. I just took a cool shower. Might have to think about buying an air conditioner.

Yeah it’s only like 88 in Seattle but no AC and I’m on the 4th floor with windows on just one wall. Also my bedroom and my bathroom share a wall with some kind of electrical room which makes them noticeably hotter than the rest of the apartment. So it sucks.

A few years ago (I’m sure all the Seattleites remember it well), it got up to about 104 and that was torture. That’s the only time I’ve ever had it be so hot that even in the car with the AC turned way up, it was still fucking hot. Thankfully at the time I lived on the ground floor/basement (it was on a hill, ground floor on one side and underground on the other). When I walked upstairs to get the mail I felt like I couldn’t breathe.

But at least you people with AC can be comfortable when you’re at home. When it’s hot here most of us are hot every second.

In San Jose it’s only 94 today, down from 102 yesterday. A good weekend to watch movies and hit the pool. I try to be conservative using my AC in the summer. But on days like this, I turn it on once the sun hits the living room windows.

Our forecasts for the next few days have been downgraded to the high 90’s, instead of the record-setting 107 we had been expecting! We are so glad we traded our swamp cooler for A/C last year!

I whine constantly and refuse to cook.

It’s been in the high 90s and low 100s here in Albuquerque this week, but we’re supposed to get a break and maybe even some rain in the coming week. Which is, of course, when Mr. Legend will be in north-central California, where our high pressure system is going.

That’s what I do regardless of the weather.

It’s been around 110 here in Sacramento the last couple of days, and it’s supposed to be a bit hotter the next couple. But we get 100+ temps for a week or so once or twice a summer at least, so it’s only ‘a little bit’ hotter than normal.

Reminds me of home. I like it and I like chortling at people who are all like “OMG it’s so muggy!” Usually only get to weather-chortle in winter when ice and a little snow falls out on the coast.

Yeah, it’s hot enough, and I’m sweating constantly – no AC, no car.

Protip: black shirts hide sweat pretty good. But salt stains are prone to show up on black dress shirts. How does Californication star David Duchovny do it?

We’ll never know, Chet.

Ahhhh. It’s raining a little now. Blessed relief, it’s down to about 81° F at 8:00 PM. We had a high temperature warning all weekend. Monsoon season started on June 15, but it has yet to rain any considerable amount.

I’m good with triple digit heat, but OMFG, the humidity is killing me.

We use remote controls to start the truck and turn the AC on, and then when the condensation puddle is bigger than the truck, its OK to go from AC’s home to truck to work.

My skin has never looked better, though.

We hit 107 today, and we’re at 3000 ft., more or less. Been parked in front of the A/C all day with the cats.

I’m in Surprise, AZ (Northwest Phoenix) and it’s been in the 115 - 119 F range for the last three days. Brutal - and that’s coming from some one who’s lived here for most of his life. I’m starting to wonder if I can stand another summer here…

We’ve also got a nasty wildfire happening in Yarnell - just up Highway 89 from here. Lost 18 firefighters today. Tragic…

Another Phoenician checking in. Horrible. Parking lots are the absolute worst. Ever see someone park their car and go into a store, then move their car 100 yards to go to the next shop in the same plaza? <raising hand>

The man works in construction, and there’s no power where he’s working now; even with a gen he can only power a fan and push the hot air around. I keep damp rags in a tupperware in the fridge to cool him off when he gets home. I am not sure it’s even possible for him to hydrate enough.

Dinner last nite was microwave popcorn. Tonite it was milkshakes. Hydration is a constant issue.

And don’t even ask about the electric bill. We set the thermostat at about 76 during the day, and much lower at nite-it rarely if ever shuts off. Tripping over cats that lay on the “cool” tile is a hazard.

Also in Southern AZ and all is well except for when the power went off briefly.

I just read the terrible news that 19 firefighters died in a wild fire north of Phoenix, so I’m not going to complain. At all.

BBC TV just had that as Breaking News, although they’re still saying 18. Horrible stuff. I have a cousin in California who is a professional firefighter.

How do you know it hasn’t been humid? In fact, in the Los Angeles area it has been humid the past few days. However, most of the city never went over 100.

I am within reach of the CA coast, so I said the hell with it today and went to Santa Cruz. Of course, the whole planet was there, and all the motels had tripled their prices (why do anything other than gouge people when a unique opportunity presents itself??), so I didn’t stay. But simply breathing cool air and walking on the beach was restorative enough that I don’t mind 101 degrees now that I’m back home. The government recorded my visit, so it now knows that if it wants me to scream out the names of my co-conspirators, Room 101 will be a place where it’s 101 degrees and no air conditioning.

The US is a cold country? Oh, Thais think that. That makes more sense. I always marvel at our Asian immigrants who are wearing heavy clothing when everyone else is in pasties and a g-string here. :smiley:

That’s funny; I think of Toronto as one of the hottest, muggiest, most miserable places in Canada, where everyone has AC because they need it. Maybe AC just caught on recently. :slight_smile:

I visited a place with high humidity for a couple of days (Victoria, BC), and my hair curled right up. It was awesome! But I don’t want to live in soup.

I don’t know how people survive in such hot places, either. It’s been around +25ºC here lately (77ºF), and we’re dying (I’m about ready to adjourn to our nice, cool basement). I think anything over 100ºF might kill me!

I’m staying indoors and leaving the AC on all night. Its set to about the mid-high 70’s, so somewhere around 3am it should shut off… :smack:

Apparently, reading some of those stories on the Death Valley temps, its a weird little thing for some Euros to do to be at DV when its gets really hot. Its like their hobby or something. What gives?

Anime Expo? :smiley: