California Dopers, how's the weather?

I live in northern Virginia and sometimes the heat and humidity make life miserable. I lived in northern California for a few years and then summer weather was beautiful–no discernible humidity and there was always a nice breeze to offset the hot weather. I’ve heard from a few west coast pals that lately, the temps have been really hot with high humidity to boot. How are you all coping?

Iced drinks, all day long. Ceiling fan going all night, windows open whenever possible. Light lunches and dinners so my metabolism won’t ‘rev up’, and early morning breakfast before it gets really hot. Going barefoot when practical. But most of all, I cope by incessantly complaining about the weather.

High of 106F, 12%. Central Valley.

Right now, it’s 97F, 13% at 7:41pm Pacific

I’ve spent the last 3 days on the coast and Santa Cruz…the weather has been quite fine. :smiley:

Days like the last few make me almost glad to be at work in the AC. I work till 10pm, so you’d thunk it should be cooled off by then, but it wasn’t last night. So I drrank a lot of ice cold beer in my underwear under a fan until I passed out.

“And how that beer got in my underwear, I’ll never know”.

I’m in the SoCal desert so it’s hot but not humid (high today allegedly 101 but my car’s thermometer usually shows ambient a few degrees higher if it can be believed). Pretty much like every summer.

When I lived in the Mojave Desert (Antelope Valley), 101 wasn’t so bad. It was only humid for a couple of weeks in August, otherwise the swamp cooler worked fine. The high desert was great for low humidity! :slight_smile:

But let me tell you about getting onto my Enduro with its black vinyl seat when I was wearing cut-offs… :eek:

(Not to make my homies jealous, but it’s going to be roasting tomorrow. 78º. Fortunately we’ll be on a cooling trend starting Saturday. Low-60s starting Monday.)

Sacto is at 81 at 22:48

Expected low of 65.

Even SF is having its famous ‘Air Condioning by God’ fail. See

San Diego County. It’s been in the 90s for the last 3 days. Humidity from some tropical something-or-the-other in Baja. Scheduled to return to normal by early next week. Normal being high 70s

It is much too warm. It’s so dry. The fires are making the air pretty smoky and I really miss rain.

I’m inland. On Wednesday it was hot and felt humid. It was painful on my skin to be outside for just a couple of minutes. The other days this week have just been hot, like 80 degrees by 7am hot, but less humidity, but there are clouds and apparently some rain a dozen miles south of us.

I live in coastal San Diego County and have really been suffering from the heat/humidity. No AC because: Hey! I live on the coast.:rolleyes:

Here I am trying to save water because of the drought but I need to take 3 showers a day just to survive! Forget about sleeping at night, the temperature doesn’t get comfortable until around 4 am.

Luckily things are starting to cool off. Whew!

I’ve been grimacing seeing all my Angelino friends post pictures of their cars’ temp gauges on FB. Not that it hasn’t been fairly hot in DC the over last week, but still.

Here’s hoping you all get relief soon!

<cue Randy Newman>

I’m seeing smoke today west of Carson City, Nv but the news has nothing about it. Is that fire south of South Tahoe burning again?

I moved from Northern Virginia to the East Bay this year, and it has been pretty hot lately. But the humidity is so much lower that it’s not too bad. I bought a portable air conditioner, but I only use it about once or twice a week on average.

Fire in Amador and Calaveras Counties.

Bay Area. It’s been reasonably warm the past few days but is cooling off for the weekend. And high humidity here is arid compared to when I lived in Louisiana and New Jersey.

The past week in So-Cal has been 100-105 with 30% humidity, which is higher than normal and definitely makes things more miserable, but it could be worse. Our heat wave back in July was much more humid, and even brought summer storms to L.A. which is quite rare.

I work in Plymouth. This is one fast moving fire. It’s spooky to look out of my window and see this fire so near. We have a buffet for our wine club members on Fridays and one of our customers came in to eat today. Their house was one of the six that have been lost so far. So sad.

I sure hope they can get this thing contained before too much more damage is done.