Question about Bad Santa joke (Spoilers and TMI)

So I went to see Bad Santa and there was this one part where:

Santa is having sex with a woman and says something like you aren’t going to shit right for a week (month?). There was then a running joke that women he had sex with wouldn’t shit right. Why would having sex make a woman not be able to shit right?

Can someone explain this joke?

“That’d be up the butt, Bob.”

Or so I’d guess. But I haven’t seen the movie in question.

I have seen the movie in question, and I concur.

Yes, Santa went the alternate route.

I think that the dwarf, at some point, specifically mentions Santa’s penchant for “ass-fucking plus-sized women”


The more confusing joke in the film (which I liked, by the way) was this:

Santa’s getting the evil eye from a guy in a bar, a guy he’s never seen before. Later, that guy appears in the parking lot and tries to kick Santa’s ass. It’s not very well handled, but the implication, I think, is that this is a closeted homosexual who is driven by the hatred of his internal conflict to attack people he imagines might be gay, so he can “revenge” rape them and meet his sexual needs without actually admitting to himself that he’s gay. I had to explain this to my wife, who didn’t get it (she also liked the rest of the movie, though), and I’m not sure I’m right. It’s definitely a clunky bit in an otherwise entertaining film.

Anyone who has an alternate theory on this bit, I’m all ears.

^^^ that’s what i thought, also, except i wondered if he was playing Samir from Office Space again, with his use of Assclown.

I think you’re right, Cervaise.

“Yes, I am also not a pussy.”

For the record, he is listed in the credits as “Hindustani Troublemaker.” :smiley:

Oh, and may I just add that I cannot believe how stupid people are getting. At one point in the film, after Bernie Mac has learned the whereabouts of the owner of the car Santa is driving and pays him a visit, the woman sitting behind us turned to her friend and said, “Oh, That’s the boy’s father!” Not as soon as he came on screen mind you. After he started asking how Grandma and the boy were.

Nice connection, there, James Burke.

I wonder how long it took her friend to explain to her after the movie why that didn’t look much like a mountain exploring campsite.

So Santa is

into anal sex? Why doesn’t he do his girlfriend (the bartender) this way? Does he only like anal sex with the plus size women?

  1. Yes.
  2. Because her Santa fetish requires that she be on his lap (I cite as evidence the fact that 100% of the times we see between them having sex, that’s the position.)
  3. Who knows?

Why couldn’t they have anal sex with her in his lap? This position should work.

You remind me a little of Thurman Merman himself, actually, with the incessant questioning. Does this ruin your enjoyment of the film in some way?

I’ve got this vision of you buying the entire scenario until this scene, and then calling B.S. at the butt-sex scene. “THAT’D never happen!”

Mrs. Santa’s Sister is not part of his fetish. Therefore he doesn’t do his fetish thing with her. OTOH, he is part of MSS’s fetish.

Don’t forget the dwarf also tells him, “I can’t take another year of booze, bullshit and buttfucking.”

Bad Santa: The three B’s?

I found the scene with the Hindustani Troublemaker kind of incongruous too.