Question about brothels (Perhaps TMI?)

Ok, bear with me here, this is a serious question although it gets a bit gross. When I was growing up, I noticed that I would have my period at the same time as my mother, in essence “syncing up”. As I got older, I wondered, what happens at brothels in that situation? A large group of women living together would inevitably “sync up” just as my mother and I had done.

So, what happens during that week or so all the brothel workers have their monthlies? Do they simply shut it down once a month? Or do the women who work there employ some method for preventing getting their menstrual cycles all at once?

It’s a myth that menstruation synchronization happens.

ETA: At least that’s what I remember reading. I’m looking for a cite.

No, I’m afraid that’s not true Leaffan. Like I said in my post, it happened to me and my mother for many years.

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That’s a Straight Dope column that discusses menstrual synchrony, and finds that it doesn’t really occur. So I don’t think brothels have a problem with it.

The fact that you and your mother happened to synch doesn’t mean all women everywhere always synch. In your case, it was coincidence.

Err correction, finds that scientific opinion is divided, and SOME scientists beleive it doesn’t really occur.

Besides, I doubt that in modern day brothels women actually* live* there. AFAIK, the prostitutes have their own places and come to the brothel to work their shift much like any other employee.

Wouldn’t birth control pills regulate the timing of cycles?

You know Maastricht, you make a good point. I had just naturally assumed they still lived there, as prostitutes in Wild West times. I’d watch that Cathouse show on HBO if I got the channel, but I don’t. I guess that would mess up any syncronization (if it’s even possible). Also, like DanBlather said, birth control pills would regulate timing, especially if you were on these new pills where you don’t get your period for months at a time.

I was hoping there’d be this little known period of a week where a brothel had to shut down, or use some other menthod of satisfying customers. Oh well, everything’s muhc more exciting in your head.

In the Legal brothels in Nevada, the ladies “live” there for a few weeks at a time, then take a few weeks off. I assume they schedule their work periods (heh) to coincide with their, well, uh, you know.

In fact, the one place I’m slightly familiar with, starting limiting the girls to 3 weeks “on” just for this reason (not so much the mess, but the girls would get bitchy and their were a lot more “interpersonal conflicts” around that time).

… so I came in here to say that I’d heard that nuns, who all live in the same place all the time do sync up, only to find out later that a cite debunking that myth had already been posted by saltire

Not sure how the customers may feel about it but just because it’s that time of the month for the ladies doesn’t mean they have to stop working.

And the man closes his eyes and, uh, thinks of England.

Don’t ask me how I know this.

I knew a woman who had VERY irregular cycles. The group she started hanging out with then started getting irregular cycles that corresponded to hers, and they all complained. She ended up being prescribed birth control pills specifically to regularlize her cycles. After that, sge and everyone else were regular.
1.) This isn;'t a FOAF story - I know the woman and her friends directly.

2.) The fact that all the women originally had regular cycles, then synched up with someone with IRREGULAR cycles pretty much proves to me that it’s not an observational error about slightly out-of-phase cycles of different length lining up for a brief period.

This also suggests that DanBlather’s suggestion about using BC to “break up” the cycles would probably work – those pills seem to be more effective than pheromones or whatever biological cue is being broadcast at setting the cycles.

Again, there is a big difference between “Some evidence to the contray, and scientific opinion is divided” and “Debunked as myth”.

An acquaintance from another message board, who used to work as a prostitute, told me that usually she either used a sea sponge tampon that allowed her to continue working without mess, or she only sold blowjobs during her mentrual period. When she was using heroin heavily and not eating, her periods ceased altogether so the issue didin’t come up then. She also said she had one customer who paid her extra for having sex with him during her period.

She has been a very educational acquaintance, to say the least.

Or if she’s smart, she’ll give him the butt and charge double.

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Menstruation can be suppressed with certain birth control regimens. Menstrual flow can be restrained with a diaphragm, cervical cap, or other barrier methods. Women have other orifices and skills.

I can’t imagine it to be much of a problem in the world’s oldest profession.

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IME, a lady I was seeing many years ago had a teenage daughter. They were always in sync. When said daughter moved out the cycles started not being in sync. Later, when she moved back in for a while they sync’ed up again.

My ex-wife and a friend of hers sync’s up shortly after she started staying with us, again this changed when she moved out.

My current wife has a teenage daughter, they are totally not in sync and show no signs of ever being so (both are as regular as clockwork).

My opinion is that it depends on the individual body chemistry, but I’m only a casual observer and amature gynocologist; no formal training but some experience in the field. YMMV (Your Mestration May Vary)