Question about C.J. Cherryh's _Downbelow Station_ (spoilers)

I just finished reading Cherryh’s Downbelow Station and while I found it to be an impressive novel there was a dangling plot thread at the end that really bothered me.

I know that the man from the Corporation was not bargaining with the Union in good faith. In his internal monologues he mentions that his bargaining is a delaying tactic (presumably initiated by the fleet allowing all the other stations to fall). We never find out what is happening on Earth, though. Given that he also mentions that the isolationists have been pushed out of power I was thinking that the Corp was secretly building a new fleet that was going to knock out Mazian’s rogues and the Union, but that whole plot thread just vanishes. Four months pass in the book between the delaying negations and the end, but we learn nothing else.

So what were they up to? A new fleet like I thought? A new wave of stations? Stalling until the Earth Idol 2258 finals were over and everyone would get back to work?

I know Cherryh has written many other books set in the same universe so the answer might be out there somewhere. However if it is in Cyteen then please don’t spoil that book for me; it’s a few more down on my reading list and just let me know the answer will be found there.

You have to read the other novels in the same universe to fully understand who’s doing what to whom when.

Other novels in the same universe, at roughly the same time include all the Chanur novels, and, well, rather than list them all, just look at C. J. Cherryh’s bibliography at Wikipedia.

She is, by the way, my favorite author of Science Fiction/Fantasy in the last three decades. Her analysis of the clash of unique cultures is always an interesting read.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve read them, but I think that Heavy Time and Hellburner are the books showing what’s going on in the Fleet at about that time frame.

Cyteen touches upon the background of what’s going on in Union. Plus, it’s a good book, too (and if you ever read Forty-Thousand in Gehenna, has some vital background for that, too).