Question about carry on baggage

Canadian citizen flying from Detroit to Miami. I will not have any checked baggage. Can I bring three 100 ml sized plastic containers filled with sunscreen in my carry on? Do they have to be in the original container? Trying to save some $$$$.

Here is the pertinent information: 3-1-1 liquids rule.

So, the answer is yes - IF you can fit them into the 1 quart ziplock bag with all of your other toiletries.

But, honestly, forget about transporting that stuff and just buy some when you get to Miami?

I’ve looked at the prices for sunscreen at Publix, CVS, and Walgreens while in Miami Beach. My jaw literally dropped. I think it is a soak the tourists thing.
I would recommend that anyone headed down that way bring their own. A huge tube is around $8 at Trader Joes (there are no TJs in Miami).

Curious. I’ve never thought of sunscreen as expensive here. Then again, I’m an hour north of Miami Beach, and not in a tourist area.

I just went through inspection in Seattle. I didn’t have to remove my computer, my shoes, and there was no liquid inspection. Most perfunctory inspection I’ve seen, at least since 9/11. I don’t know how general this was. And let me emphasize that this was the inspection everyone was going through.

Inland around here it’s a couple bucks a tube for the cheap stuff. Right at the beach, try 4-5x that.

Still, on the scale of what a weeklong vacation here costs including airfare, hotel, and restaurants, plus entertainment and perhaps a car, the $8 you might save on sunscreen seems … obsessive.

It’s more sticking it to the greedy beach-side businesses that milk tourists for whatever they can get them for than actual savings.