Question about Egypt

My friend currently lives in Kuwait City. His wife and children are supposed to join him soon, but have run into snags due to the current middle east activities.

If they head there soon, he would like to take them to Egypt. Does anyone know which is better - Sharm el Sheikh, or Hurghada?

I’ve never even heard of Hurgharda, but people I know who’ve been to Sharm al Sheikh say it sucks. When I lived in Israel, everyone liked to go to Taba for weekends, but it’s probably not family oriented. (College students getting smashed on beach.) I’ve been to Nuweiba’, not far from Taba, which is a teensy little town with the awesome attraction of wild dolphins at the beach. They like to play with the humans, it’s pretty amazing. Both of those places are on the Red Sea side of Sinai, Sharm al Sheikh is on the Mediterranean side.