Question about font.

I have a question. How do you make bold, underlined, and italicized print in a post? I have absolutely no clue how to do it, and I’d like some help to make my posts fresher and better looking. Thanks tons.

Here’s a little reference material: The link at the bottom of this page and at the top of the reply page labeled vB code.
Also, Louie made an excellent thread named vB Codes explained which further explains the coding for all kinds of things.
There are other excellent threads in this forum for how to do stuff.

To answer your question directly though:
[i]this is italics[/i] = this is italics
[b]this is bold[/b] = this is bold
this is underlined = this is underlined
[[sub][/sub]sub]this is subscript[[sub][/sub]/sub] = [sub]this is subscript[/sub]
[[sup][/sup]sup]this is superscript[[sup][/sup]/sup] = [sup]this is superscript[/sup]

There is lot’s of other stuff in the above references, too.


This is bold, underlined, and italcized. Fnord.