Question about Half Life Death Match

Moderators, Please move this if necessary. While this is not an earth shattering important question, it is a specific question.

While playing Half Life Death Match, I will occasionally collect a backpack looking apparatus that says something to the effect of “power assisted movement activiated”.

How the hell do I use it? It’s my assumption that I can use this to jump higher, or jump across greater distances.

Anyone know?



It’s been awhile but I think you can jump farther by crouching just as you jump. Takes a little practice to get the timing right but it’s not that hard.

Press crouch and then jump in that order. Not at the same time.

I know for sure it works if you’re moving forward but it may also work if you’re jumping at an angle too (don’t remember). You should notice that you do a long jump instead of a regular one.

You move faster and you can jump pretty far. It’s a huge, huge boost in any HL deathmatch game. The training course at the beginning of the single player game will show you how to do the jump-crouch long jump.

haven’t you ever gone through the “hazard course”? It is the option just below the New Game button. “Hazard Course” is a training level that explains how to play Half-Life, including how to use the jump-pack.

There is no hazard course when you play the HLDM mod that came with Counter-Strike. I went through the Hazard Course when I played HL originally, but I couldn’t remember how to use it. I knew it had something to do with crouching, but I was always trying to use it to jump up to a ledge.

Thanks for the info everybody.