How to get God Mode in Half Life?

I bought Black Mesa, the reimagined Source engine version of part of Half Life, and there’s a scene where I have to jump from hanging crates, and I can’t solve it. I’ve seen the playthrough on YouTube, and I still can’t crack it.

How can I get through this so I can just go on with the game? I tried to follow the directions to turn on God Mode, but I couldn’t get it. Is there another method, even?

What have you tried so far? For most Valve games do this:
Open the developer console, usually by hitting the ~ key.
Type “sv_cheats 1” to enable cheats.
Type “god 1” for god mode.
If you want to be able to fly across that room type “noclip” which basically turns off gravity and lets you move through walls. Type “noclip” again to return to normal when you get where you want to be.

Not sure about Black Mesa, but you sometimes have to enable the developer console in the menu. I forget what option it is under, but it is there.