Question about Idle Conquest (is there any way to kill this thing?)

This is going to be another one of those DKW-is-a-complete-weirdo things, but dammit, I’m getting headaches from this, so the least I can do is ask for help.

Okay. There’s this apparently abandoned Kongregate game called Idle Conquest. It’s a typical idle game in most respects, with three very critical exceptions. One, it’s full of highly tedious dialogue, two, it starts out with one unit of the lowest level production unit (a typical idle game starts you with nothing), and three, I am completely unable to find wherever it is that this stupid freaking game is storing information, with the result that it’s impossible to stop the game from running. Furthermore, because this is one of those games that runs offline, that means that the money never, ever stops coming in. I returned to this game after lord knows how long, and the thing racked up something like $100 million. On the starting income unit.

I’ve searched high and low and near and far for way to make this goddam thing STOP and have come up completely empty. Adblock does nothing. The game doesn’t store any information on Flash player, so that’s hopeless. Deleting cookies does nothing. Security settings do nothing. Right-clicking on the screen has no effect whatsoever. In short, there is seemingly no way whatsoever for this game to keep running and running and running forever and ever.

This is the ONLY game that’s given me this problem. I was able to wipe out Tangerine Tycoon and Get a Little Gold (two games that were a nice distraction for a little while and then I never wanted anything to do with again ever) without any difficulty, not to mention the saves on other online video game sites.

This is just a wild guess, but is it possible that actually stored on the developer’s website, and it just keeps stats for each computer the game runs on? I’m not even sure how that’s supposed to work. Or perhaps I have to disable a script (pretty much the only thing I haven’t tried yet), and for some reason that falls completely outside the scope of cookies and blocking apps?

I know this isn’t supposed to bother me, but dammit, I hate not having control like this.

Is it possible that it’s not actually running all the time, but it just figures out what the total would have been whenever you log back in?

That would still require it to know when to start counting from and what the rate is, which is information that would need to be stored somewhere. I would have assumed that it’d be in a cookie, because that’s where web pages store things like that, but the OP says that clearing cookies didn’t work.

Are you logged into a Kongregrate account? I think it can save game states on its own.

Thanks for 1. being so prompt and 2. taking this question seriously. I’m always afraid I’m going to get something snarky when I raise an issue like this.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure Teuton nailed it. Deleting the Kongregate information didn’t do anything, neither did clearing ALL cookies. In fact, as far as I can tell this game never actually saved anything on my computer. Suppose that would have something to do with why right-clicking never turned anything up. (It uses the Unity engine, if that means anything.)

All right! One less thing to worry about! I love this place! :smiley: