Question about JFK Jr. at his dads funeral...

Just what the heck is he wearing?

Everytime I see him saluting, it totally looks like he’s wearing a dress!

Is it a dress, or is he wearing shorts and a puffy jacket?


It looks like a very short overcoat to me.

Link to hi-res picture

From CNN

It’s a somewhat traditional and old-fashioned coat style for little boys. I bought my son one very similar when he was a tot.

Here’s a link to a website that sells something similar (I’m not posting it as a commercial ad, just an example so you can see one in color)

in the olden days boys wore short pants; 'till about 8 - 10 years old. jfk was on the tail end of that era.

there would have been a cute little hat that matched the coat. looked a bit like a beanie, with earflaps and strings to tie. i reckon he didn’t want to wear it that day.

it is interesting that as he got older he wore quite a few hats.

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