Question about Kinect

Thinking about getting an Xbox with Kinect. Here is the situation: my living room is not that large so I would only be standing a few feet away. Also my flat screen is on a stand that is only about three feet high so the Kinect will be pretty low. Are either of these an issue or would it work? Thanks.

You really need a significant amount of room for kinect to work right. It needs to be able to see your body from head to toe. Multiplayer games require even more room. You need to be able to stand at least 6-7 feet away from it and need room to move around in all directions on top of that.

you can attach the Kinect sensor on a standard or against the wall, but yeah you need some playroom in front of the tv to …euhm…play

My nephew brought his kinect over to the house. My living room is about 12 feet wide, so maybe 11 feet from the kinect to the wall. I had to move the coffee table, couch, and everything behind it out of the way and stand within 2 feet of the back wall to play two players with the kinect. Playing one player I could leave the couch there but still needed the coffee table out. So yes, you need a LOT of room.

Thanks all. Hmmm sounding like it won’t work with the space I have.

we only have 6-7 feet and it does drop out, especially on 2 player games or when my kids get too excited and hop forward a few feet. It pretty much works if you stay in the 6’+ zone (but my kids simply can’t stay that way).