Question about my electric cigarette

My latest attempt at kicking the habit. I had it this morning and yes, it keeps me from lighting up. But I read the replacement capsule label and saw the ingredients to the liquid one puts in:

propylene glycol (hey, that’s a car anti-freeze!)
vegetable glycerine
nicotine (oh yeah!)

So, what’s going to happen if I inhale those? I’m hoping I inhale neither in a couple months.

The propylene glycol thing always bugged (bugs) me as well, but if you look around, you’ll find it’s in most processed foods as well. It’s used to carry flavors.

There are e-juices you can buy that only use vegetable glycerine though. I’m not sure, but Johnson Creek may be one of them.

If I have it right, antifreeze is Ethelyne (sp?) glycol.
Not sure how different Propelene glycol is.
Hell, sodium and chlorine will both kill you, but together they’re table salt.
At least you’re not smoking, congrats!

They’re both used (as anti-freeze).

I quit a heavy, 35-year smoking habit in April by switching to vaping. I use a KGO and high-end juice.

This is a bit old, but has some good info. This forum also has a ton of good info,

Propylene glycol is a common additive in food, and also a propellant in asthma inhalers since the 1950s, so it can’t be *that *bad for your lungs. Better than smoking, certainly. Also as Joey P says, many juice vendors will mix juice with 100 percent vegetable glycerine. But you lose the throat hit with 100 percent VG.

Yeah, common antifreeze is ethylene glycol, and that’s the stuff that’ll kill you. Propylene glycol, on the other hand is used for all kind of human consumption, internal and external. I believe PG is also sometimes used as safe antifreeze in applications where some piece of industrial machinery might spring a leak and get into food.

Even ethylene glycol doesn’t sound super toxic per Wikipedia, especially in the amounts involved in e-cigarette cartridges (not that they use it):

(LDLO = lowest known lethal dose, which is far lower than the more common LD50; 786 mg/kg is 55 grams for a 70 kg adult)

Of note, oxalic acid is found in many natural foods, in some cases, very high amounts:

Yeah, it’s diethylene glycol that’s the really nasty stuff. People have died when that’s inadvertently ended up in toothpaste and cough syrup. (From China and Panama, respectively)

I mean, the name of the chemical starts with “die” - what do you expect! :stuck_out_tongue: