Question about NBC Chase pilot - covering one's gun

So are the veteran Marshalls hazing the newbie Marshall when they made him untuck his shirt?

It looked like the other Marshalls had not untucked their shirts. They said the holstered gun needed to be covered. The newbie Marshall wore a sports jacket that already covered the gun.

Annie wore a small, tight-fitting jacket that sort-of-covered her gun. The black lady did not cover her gun at all. In fact, they showed her uncovered gun immediately after the shirt untucking incident.

Whiskey tango foxtrot.

I haven’t seen any episodes beyond the pilot, so just wondering if this was brought up again or maybe even explained in yesterday’s episode?

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I’ve only seen the pilot, but I wonder if it wasn’t so much “We marshals keep our guns covered,” as it was “Quit looking like a cop until you can take care of yourself, rookie.”
The guy had zero field experience and later showed he couldn’t spot a fugitive standing two feet away. Walking around with a visible gun can give any fugitive or random bad guy a head’s up that law enforcement’s arrived. It’s possible they didn’t want him to be an easy target.

Interesting… I didn’t think Marshals were supposed to be incognito. Don’t they wear visible badges? I know they don’t wear it on the show, but real life Marshals wear clearly labeled clothing, too.

But the logic does hold that a rookie might not prevent a bad guy from grabbing the gun out of the holster, but a veteran doesn’t have that problem.

I was perplexed by that scene, too. While telling him to untuck his shirt and cover his gun, every other one of them had shirts tucked in and guns not particularly covered. WTF?

Later he walks up to her, then pulls his shirt tail out and over his gun. And looks like a retard with a gun bulging three feet out the side of his belt with his shirt pulled over it. Yeah, that inspires confidence in the Marshals.

The only explanation I could get that made any sense was the “rookie protect your gun” thing. But it really was not handled well.

Fortunately they didn’t mention it at all in the second episode.

But had a slightly different puzzler. The team goes to Las Vegas to track down someone. They get a set of vehicles from impound (drug seizures). So how do they divide? The black lady and mustached guy get one truck, the two senior team members get a car together, and the rookie gets a car of his own. WTF? Shouldn’t he be paired with someone, and not left on his own?

They’re protecting him. Everyone knows that one of the quickest ways to get killed (or at least shot) on a cop show is to be a rookie teamed with a veteran - who then goes on to avenge the death.