Question About Olivia Newton-John's "Love Song"

In the early 70s Olivia Newton-John recorded a song titled “Love Song.”

Who did the original?

Thissite says “Labelmate Elton John released Leslie Duncan’s “Love Song” on his Here and There live album, but that version doesn’t have the sensitivity of this spiritual reading” (referring to Newton-John’s recording). I can’t call up the sites, but apparently somebody named Paul Dylin also recorded it.

It is indeed Elton John. His original studio version of “Love Song” is on his Tumbleweed Connection album.

Weird. I haven’t heard ONJ sing since the “Physical” video went out of regular rotation.

As much as my musical tastes have changed since then, one thing remains the same: I still can’t stand her voice.

Not trying to threadshit. I’m just surprised my dislike is still as strong as it was when I was 12.