Question about Orphan (film, 2008) *spoilers*

At what point did you figure out the Esther’s secret?

For me, it was when, after killing Sister Abigail, she says that Maxine is an accomplice and that Max will “go to jail too” for helping her. That’s not really a threat a child would make.

Up to that point, I thought she was a male masquerading as a girl, that was why she didn’t let anybody see her naked and had the collar thing covering her throat.

Not to nitpick, but didn’t this movie come out in 2009?

I figured she wasn’t normal or just some little Russian girl when she wouldn’t go to the dentist or doctor. Not because all normal kids love the doctor, but obviously one of the two would’ve figured out that she wasn’t a little kid, especially with those teeth!

I just saw this last night, I wasn’t certain but I thought something was up with her age when she insisted on sleeping with her new “Mommy and Daddy” during the thunderstorm, and curled up to Daddy like she did.

I never thought about the dentist angle until you brought it up. :slight_smile:

Good, creepy movie.