Question about printing tickets (barcodes)

I didn’t have any white printer paper left so I had to print my concert tickets out on yellow paper. Anyone know if that will mess up the scanners? I would assume not since food barcodes can be read on a variety of colored packaging, but I would hate to be denied entry because of it and have to scramble to find a place to print them out.

It’ll probably be fine as long as the contrast is great enough.

If you’re worried, knock on a neighbor’s door and ask for one sheet of paper. Or print it on the other side of a used piece of paper. Or tear out a blank page from some book you never read. Or print it to a Fedex Kinko and pick it up on your way over.

It should be okay if you print black on yellow, but you may want to ask the venue just in case.

If questioned at the venue, tell them the dog peed on them.

I’d be less worried about it working, and more worried about some weird rule. Like I believe I’ve seen coupons that were not valid unless printed in color.