Question about scented candles (fragrance choices)

Here at Casa 99, we’re big fans of the products of the Yankee Candle store. Love going in and smelling all the fragrances (we also buy the products. We’re not total sponges). We dig the outdoorsy fragrances; we dig the floral fragrances; we dig the food fragrances, we dig most of the household fragrances (leather armchair and ashtray doesn’t quite appeal to us, but coffee sure does).

Thing about the food fragrances is that they seem to all be based on dessert. Christmas cookie, pumpkin pie, creme brulee, oatmeal and cinnamon.

Why no savory flavors? Why no meat? Why no gravy? Is there something about the esters and volatiles that makes them unsuitable for packaging into a time-released medium?

I’d love to be able to have a guest come into my home and be fooled into thinking that I’m roasting a turkey.

Where is the Willy Wonka of candle-making who can make this happen for me?

It’s a slippery slope. Next, kids will want candles that smell like shit, piss and puke.

I suspect you might be in the minority when it comes to the smell of cooked meat. The turkey aroma is okay for a few hours, but eventually it smells like somebody forgot to take out the garbage.

My favorite Yankee fragrance is a new one – Evening Air. I wish the Dope had scratch 'n sniff, but I ain’t gonna ask for it.

So, more of a market issue than a technical one?

I think so, but I’m no chemist. People used to make candles (and soap) from animal fat and if it wasn’t done right, I suspect the result would smell like the animal. So yeah, I think it could be done.

I had a candle that smelled like rosemary and sage and I hated it. And I’m a huge fan of scented candles. It just smelled too much like a turkey cooking, which for some reason got really gross after an hour or two.

I saw basil scented air freshener in a bathroom, so I sprayed it and it was disconcerting, to say the least. It just seemed weird to have a food-type odor in the bathroom.

Any savory scented candle would make me hungry! My husband doesn’t even like spice or apple scented candles because they smell too foodie.

I had an idea years ago for candles that smelled a little different…some of the better names were “Something’s Burning” and “Not Me, Blame the Dog”.

No takers, though. :smiley:

I think Yankee Candle had one called Campfire or something close to that a few years ago. It smelled pretty rank, tbh.

A few years ago, I saw some Glade 3-in-1 candles in the supermarket. One was called, IIRC, “Baking with Grandma”, and had various scents like baking cookies, baking pies, etc.

I thought they should make a candle for my husband’s sister, with three scents–“chocolate chip cookies”, “is something burning?” and finally, “call 911!”

I also think a cooking meat candle would smell gross after a while. When I was pregnant, I had an enhanced sense of smell and I could not stand the smell of meat, in particular. I think a candle would get like that even for a non-pregnant person.