Question About Site

The index is everything there is on the site? If not, how do I access the other material? Just wondering…

Seems like a troll/commie hangout. True?

Just curious…
Who did you used to be?

Who did I used to be? What sort of grammar is that? Can you answer the question or am I right?

This is the Straight Dope Message Board.
It provides interaction for those who enjoy the columns of Cecil Adams that may be found here:
Those are the official sites maintained by the Chicago Reader.
Various members of this message board have set up their own sites and pages to exchange information and photographs, but they are not directly connected to this site.

Given the large number of rabid Capitalists who inhabit GD, GQ, and the Pit, it is clearly an overstatement to suggest that it is a hangout for commies. On the other hand, encountering snotty comments in the General Questions Forum might suggest to some that we do have at least one troll.

This seems to be a question About This Message Board rather than a General Question with a factual answer. I’ll move this to ATMB for you.

Off to ATMB.

DrMatrix General Questions Moderator

False. Our membership encompasses people of all political persuasions, and trolls are banned systematically. Hope this helps.

I, for one, am most definitely not a “commie”.

That’s what they all say.

McCarthyism again?

I am not now, nor have I ever been, a member of the Communist Party.

They are too middle-of-the-road for me. :wink:

I am curious to know if those of you who are inclined to be Conservative are embarrassed by OP’s like this.

I, for one, am most definitely not “conservative”.

Why would we be embarrassed?

Agreed. First, eedjits come in all forms and political persuasions. Second, who says the OP is a conservative? He could be part of an autonomous collective for all I know.