Question about the Big Lebowski soundtrack

Just wondering, where did the following bits of music get used? I’ve identified the rest of the soundtrack in the film;

Captain Beefheard - Her Eyes Are A Million Blue Eyes
Elvis Costello - My Mood Swings
Nina Simone - I Got It Bad and that Ain’t Good (Possibly when the Dude’s at the bar in the bowling alley, but not too sure)
Moondog with Orchestra - Stamping Ground
From the Opera “Die tote Stadt” - Glück das mir verblieb

Also, what’s playing over the bowling alley PA when Walter pulls the piece out on poor Smokey?

I Hate You, the Honks. Great tune.

The opera piece, is that not in Big Lebowski’s study, during the “What makes a Man?” exchange?

Costello’s tune is playing in the Dude’s headphones when he visits the doctor.

It could be, I kept thinking of the stage play that Lebowski’s land lord organises. What music is played for that part of the film?

That one bugged me for years until my supervisor was able to figure it out for me a few months ago. It’s “Lacrimosa” by Mozart, unless I’m terribly mistaken.

This song has two very distinct parts. I never heard the first part in the movie, but the second part is played…

…while the Dude is explaining the whole setup to Walter as they’re driving (on the Sabbath, I might add) to confront the Big Lebowski with his embezzlement of a million dollars from needy little orphan achievers.

I thought it was Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibtion.

Me too.

:smack: Yes, I don’t think I meant to put that in the list of unknowns. I remember it now, just thinking of;

The Big Lebowski putting the telephone directories in the briefcase