Question about the current occupant's view of his role (deemed unsuitable for GQ)

Hi, folks. Sorry for the delay in revisiting this.

Back in July of 2017, I submitted this thread in GQ. GQ Moderator Colibri properly exercised his authority to immediately close it on account of it containing a political jab.

I have no intention of questioning his action, but I will confess to having my feelings hurt by it, to the point where I treated my hurt feelings as being more important to me than finding out the answer to the question. During the intervening seventeen months, my desire to have the question answered has gradually waxed to the point where I feel it is worth my time to resubmit it.

For the benefit of those who don’t wish to open links, here is the text of my original thread:

I hope I’m not too late to still catch the attention of someone who can provide a fcatual answer.

Again, TIA.
ETA: Sorry, Colibri; I can’t see this doing much better in GD or IMHO, so I decided to take it directly to the Pit.

Even better than a factual answer, I can give you insight into his mind.

If “leader of the free world” is what he wanted the words “leader of the free world” to mean on a particular day, then he would accept the description.

If “leader of the free world” is not what he wanted the words “leader of the free world” to mean on a particular day, then he would not accept the description.

Even if not explicitly stated, he has indeed clearly indicated that he is not the “leader of the free world”. He has characterized other free countries rather plainly as trade opponents. His non-committal attitude towards NATO has also been plainly stated. His admiring remarks of authoritarian regimes is also notable.

He thinks of himself as the leader of America, not the free world. He has made that abundantly clear.

For the record, it was the second quote that caused me to close it rather than move it. Otherwise I would have probably have moved it to Great Debates, and it probably would have done fine there. But if you want to use terms like that, then the Pit is really the only forum it could go in.

I HAVE to use that phrasing; so, yeah.

Yeah, that’s pretty clear. I thought I had seen reference to him saying it in so many words, though.

You might be thinking of this, from April 2017:

ETA: if you Google that phrasing, it seems to be a common thing for him to say. Here’s an example from even earlier: