Question about The Flash TV show

The main hangout in the show is a coffee shop. To my knowledge they always referred to the place as Jitters. Last week I noticed they called it CC Jitters and that is also what is on the sign. That seems like a change to me (I was thinking maybe there is a real coffee shop named Jitters). Am I mistaken? Was it always called CC Jitters because I would swear that isn’t true.

It was always CC Jitters. Usually called simply Jitters, because that’s shorter, but the sign’s always had the CC.

Perhaps it’s a chain, and it’s weird to call this one CC Jitters when they’re in Central City. Makes more sense to use the full name when your in Hub, Star or River City.

Yeah–when the series launched, it was an attempt to tie into the comics which (at the time) was trying to make CC Jitters into a BIG THING in the DC Universe. It’s barely in the comics any more. The CC thing is silly and awkward, IMO. “Jitters” is a decent name in the sense that “Big Belly Burgers” is a decent name. It calls your attention to the bad part of your product, but at least it’s catchy. CC Jitters is un-catchy.