Question about the Kern-Fay-Jones report

It’s more of a general question, but given the topic, I choose to post it here.

I’m surprised that the above mentionned report, that seem to accuse a fairly large number of american militaries, officers and intelligence personnel of being involved in or responsible for the abuses commited in Irak, apparently pointing at the fact that these abuses were more widespread than it’s officially admitted, and finally seeming to imply that a number of other people could or should be prosecuted, wasn’t mentionned on this board.

Since usually when something new related to these abuses comes up, even when the source is dubious and the information unclear, a thread appear instantly on this board, and since I didn’t noticed any such thread about something which, this time, is an official report, I’m wondering why, and in particular, if it has received much coverage in the medias?