question about the plot in star trek nemesis

Where did the second data android come from? I think Shinzon said ‘we found him’ but no mention was made of where. Was B-4 actually Lore, or did Lore end up destroyed in one of the syndicated episodes of TNG?

I think it will be explained in the next movie they’ve promised never to make.

Basically, think of it as a way to let the aging Brent Spiner not have to play the ageless Data anymore.

The hint in this movie is the actual name: B4. Before. He was made before Lor who was made before Data.

Picard says something about the names of the positronic beasts created by Often Wrong Soong when they put B4 together.

Soong made a bunch of androids before Lore; it was his life’s work. Lore was just the first viable one. They never said what happened to the others. Maybe he sold them, or scrapped them, or kept them with him until he died. In any of these cases, it’s not too far-fetched for Romulans to get ahold of one of them.

Maybe he used it as the ultimate sex toy and discarded it afterwards?

If anyone ever invented a robotic sex toys i doubt they would throw it away.

As for Lore, they eventually caught him and disassembled him. This is how Data got the emotion chip back. Presumably, Lore’s “remains” were somewhere on the Enterprise-D when it was destroyed.

If they were in the saucer section, they’re probably salvageable. But I assumed that at some point in the 18 months between “Descent, Part II” and Star Trek: Generations, Lore was sent to some Federation lab or warehouse.