Star Trek: Nemesis (SPOILER!!!)

Do you think Data will be reborn into B4 because they downloaded his memory into him? I think Geordi can fix it so that Data is really Data again in the next movie because he has all off Data’s memories.

Also, when did Worf get cast aside by Troi in favor of Riker? I thought in the series finale Worf and Troi were dating - now she marries Riker?

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don’t be mad. Just there’s been a thread on this for a while.

So, maybe some of the reg posters are a liitle burnt for a little bit.

After TNG, Worf was on DS9 where he married Jadzia Dax. Never said how he and Troi faired.

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[li]I happened to read your original title to this thread, luckily I had seen Nemesis, but I’d be too pissed to answer you if I hadn’t.[/li][li]Of the dozens of Dopers that have seen Nemesis, they are all probably responding to the other Nemesis thread, in which I see you have also replied, so why don’t you take it to that thread instead?[/li][li]Your OP is a no-brainer to me. I don’t think there’s a Trek fan alive that doesn’t think exactly that. I mean, let’s not forget they basically did this exact same story arc with Spock in II and III. So, no one is rushing to answer you b/c it’s kind of an obvious point.[/li][li]I see you are in L.A. I happen to live in SF, but I’d wager that 60% of the board’s population is not in this time zone, and are therefore not reading the board at all right now.[/li][li]It is bad form to act all pissy when you don’t get a response to your thread in 90 minutes. Have patience.[/li][/ul]

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Yes, as NoClueBoy said, Worf has been separated from Troi since Generations eight years ago. He even got married!

Now, contrary to what Dooku said, I am a Trek fan who thinks that this is one of the dumbest ideas I’ve heard, and I’m surprised that so many people are thinking it will happen. I was in fact about to address it in the other thread, so I’m a little glad that this thread was opened, despite the OP’s blatant title and impatience. :slight_smile:

I’m willing to take a bet now. Data will not be reborn, à la Spock. I think it’s very clear that he’s gone, and it would simply not work. I thought that maybe they would upload Data’s memories and stuff to Lore, and use him as the new Data, but even that is a lousy idea.

Whatever. I see other threads that are answered right away. I’m new so nobody pays attention to my threads, which is bullshit.

Chill out. It was simply the timing, I think. I subscribed to the old thread and didn’t even look for anything else on Nemesis.

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