Question about the plot of Copland (spoiler in OP)

I watched this movie a few days ago. I thought it started out strong, wasn’t as good by the end, but was overall pretty good.

I was kind of watching it in between doing other things, though, so I missed a few things.

One thing in particular: Why did they try to kill Superboy, after going to the trouble of trying to save him? (And how exactly did his disappearance happen? How far in advance was it planned out? Am I supposed to know, or is this left intentionally unclear?)

ETA: Sorry about the misnaming in the title of the post

They realized it was starting to fall apart. There was no way to keep Superboy hidden without blowing their operation. I think they thought they could get away with it at first, but then the wheels started coming off the whole thing.

Strassia has it right. It was a hastily slapped together plan, and a) the cops weren’t as smart as they thought and b) Freddy wasn’t as stupid as they all thought and c) Freddy is an incurable do-gooder.

I loved this movie. It was off-beat, filled with great performances, and has one of the weirdest anti-heros in a post-1970s Hollywood movie. Plus, Stallone’s performance here helps offset the fact that he made movies like Cobra and Tango & Cash back in the '80s. Mind you it wasn’t good enough to offset them totally, and there’s his whole debt from Judge Dredd still to pay off…