Question for Australians....musk life savers

I would like to know if musk life savers from Nestle Confectionery exist. I found a page for the company that linked to ligitamete sites in the USA. I believe the company is real in Australia, but I’m not positive. Another site made reference to musk life savers from that company. Does this product exist, or is it a hoax?

Assuming that they are real. Have you tried this?

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In the Halls of Valhalla, where the Brave, may Live, Forever!

What? No vegamite?

Yes, they exist. I’ve tried them. They taste a bit like perfumed soap.

My Aussie other half says, yes, they definitely exist. They look like Polo mints, are coloured pink, and are made by Nestle via an Australian subsidiary called Allen’s.

The link (gained via below doesn’t show much at the moment:

Allen’s Life Savers

Crusoe Takes A Trip

The place that I found this said that it tasted like some kind of raw meat. It didn’t specify the animal type.

Thanks for answering.

Raw meat?..blech, just blech.

Don’t you guys have musk lollies over there?
Musk sticks, musk chewing gum, musk life savers? Oh sorry, that’s where I came in.

Yes, they exist. Bright pink. Taste? Not perfumed soap - think of the best gin you’ve ever drunk (Bombay Sapphire for preference), and delete the alcohol component.

From memory, they are mainly marketed in Australia and South Africa, and there is a strong gender difference in appreciation. Females greatly prefer the flavour to males, even in the countries where the flavour is an assumed childhood memory.

If’n you (Phobia) can provide me with a postal address of some sort, I’ll send you a bunch of musk stuff. (And a packet of Tim Tams as a bonus - America may have cornered the world technologically, but we have the edge on chocolate biscuits. Wait till you hear about the Tim Tam suck!)

YES they are VERY real and very good IMHO. I have regular cravings over here in London because I can’t have my musks anymore.

Try them, you too will enjoy.

“Expecting the world to treat you fairly because you are a good person is like expecting a bull not to attack you because you are a vegetarian.” Dennis Wholey

By the way AKAmame was right about the Tim Tams too, nobody does a chocolate biscuit like that.

Tim Tam suck…mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Australia does have its advantages even if they are all to do with sugar overload!!

“Expecting the world to treat you fairly because you are a good person is like expecting a bull not to attack you because you are a vegetarian.” Dennis Wholey

Go to
They have musk sticks for 9.95.
It’s the website for the Australian Catalogue Company, a U.S. based store (I think it’s in Raleigh - it used to be, anyway) that caters to a lot of Australians living in the U.S. (my husband, included!).
This is our source for Vegemite, TimTams, and Bushells Tea. They have some great candy.

I can’t see the comparison to gin, but then I’m no particular fan of gin. To me, musk lifesavers did taste a bit like perfumed soap. Despite that description, I rather liked the one I tried.