Question for Doper Lawyers

Basically, what are jurisdictional issues.

Here’s the skinny. My city is very anal about enforcement. If you are clearing brush and leave it out front overnight, you get a citation. If your car is on the front lawn, you get a citation.

Now I know that the federal government outlaws using “grey water” viz sink, dishwasher, and clotheswasher runoff. Assuming my city does not have a law against it, if I get caught using my grey water to water my plants, what can the city do?

If there was no city law against it, the city would do nothing directly themselves. If they knew it was federal violation, they would report it to the federal authorities. There may also be applicable violations at the state level, which would be reported to the appropriate state authorities.

All federal laws apply everywhere in every state in the US
All State laws apply in every municpality, county, etc, within the state.
City laws apply only within the city and can’t directly contradict the Federal or State laws.

Does this answer your question?

Can you quote the Federal Statute that says you can’t use sink runoff for watering your plants? I’m not saying it’s not a Federal law–I just want to read to see what it says.

Aren’t you forgetting tribal lands, foreign embassies, maybe other exceptions?
Lawyers, especially, should be careful about making blanket statements. Good thing you’re still learning. :wink:

Not sure about federal law, but there is state law to this effect in colorado.

Doesn’t look like there is any such federal law.

The Federal EPA regulates gray water use, but single family residential dwellings are exempt.
These may, or may not, be regulated by state and local gov’ts. Some jurisdictions encourage the use.