Question for Nuvaring users

In other threads on the boards, I have seen several ladies mention that they are on the ring and no longer get their period. I am on the ring and I would love to not have a period. So my question is how does it work? Do you leave it in for 28 days or 21? Do you ever have a ring-free week? Do you have any period-like symptoms during the 4th week?

There are enough hormones in the ring to last through 4 weeks, although the manufacturer doesn’t strictly condone it. I’ve been on the ring since January, and I have been able to stack rings and go without a period for a few months in a row. The first time I stacked I had some spotting and cramping, but the next and subsequent months I had no problems. So, I will wear a ring for 4 weeks, switch to a new ring for 4 weeks, and then I will wear a new ring for 3 weeks and have a ring-free week just to make sure things are still functioning as normal :g:

You can also stack birth control pills for the same effect, however every person will react differently to it. I tried stacking when I was on the pill and it did not work very well. Most accounts I have read say it takes a cycle or two for your body to get used to it, and you may have some period-like symptoms during the week of your first missed period.

I haven’t tried stacking rings (interesting image, that one) but I go four weeks on, one off. My last period was so light I got nervous and got a pregnancy test just in case because I never in my life have had such a light one. It was only my second cycle on the ring, though, and all is fine.

I looooove the ring. Stacking pills never worked for me, but I think I could do it with the ring. I’m not inclined to, though, because I kinda like the “okay, you’re in the clear” week.

Thanks for the replies. I think I’m going to try 4 weeks in, no weeks out.

I’d done some research on this and came up with different methods. Some folks change rings every 3 weeks, with no off week. Some do every 4 weeks with no off week. I was just wanting to hear how the ladies of the Dope do it (…better, of course. :wink: ).