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At the risk of sounding real naive, what are VIP rooms at strip clubs? And what’s the deal with buying a bottle of champagne? I mean, I have an idea, but it seems too blatant to be what I think it is.

What you’re thinking is illegal, and would never happen at a proper stripping establishment!

Well, nothing is absolute, so sure, you MIGHT get lucky…literally…

But for the most part, the VIP room is just another way to get closer to a girl (not share her with those old creeps in the bar) and give her more of your hard-earned cash.

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I difer to Chris Rock on the issue.

There is NO sex in the champaign room

Great album

…no matter what any stripper tells you…

…or any of your drunken buddies who’ve just resturned from there.

Sometimes a typo is apropos.

Well the club I worked at had a small VIP room, but it just meant that you got a special waitress and paid more. We still didn’t let you touch us. I have no idea what you’re talking about re: champagne. Most of the time when I saw people buy champagne they drank it. But that was rare. Usually it was beer & mixed drinks.

Btw, in AZ it is illegal for the dancers to drink at work. We can’t even drink SODA at the table with you, we can only drink soda/water/juice at the bar or in the dressing room.

The worst things I ever saw at the club that I worked at for most of the 4 years (the nice one) were the occassional butt-on-the-knee grinding and one girl who pulled her thong out of the way to show her…hmmm… during table dances. She was fired within a week.

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At a bar I worked at,the guy could buy a bottle for $72 and go in the “backroom” with the lady.She got to keep $12 of it,but it put you in good with the boss(helping selling more drinks).Some girls were rumoured to do “things” back there,but the 2 times I went,I just stripped. Didn’t get much of a tip,but like I said,job security.

Our “VIP room” was just an area of the bar that was 3 steps higher than the rest of the room, and had smoked glass “walls”. It wasn’t like a different room, and certainly anyone would still see what you were doing in there.

I wouldn’t work at a club where girls “did extra things” on any kind of regular basis (as I said, girls who tried got fired fast at the place I worked). I danced at Caligula XXI in Houston for a week once… back before Houston cracked down on the clubs. I saw oral sex and full-contact everything. Sure, I made $400/night or so there, but the other girls were making 3 or 4 times that. I also saw drugs in the dressing room and just about anything else you can think of. It was YUCKY.

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