Question for SDMB-ers that own Neverwinter Nights

Hi! I’m considering buying a game with a friend, and am wondering how well it can do science fiction settings. Are you stuck with more or less medival characters? Can you go nominally science fiction by making everything LOOK sci-fi? Maybe go further than that?

Thank you for the responses!

Make sure you have some pretty heft systems before you buy it; I couldn’t get it to run on my antique computer (all of a year old).

Ethilrist: My computer is 1 GHz (I use a laptop). At this point, I think I’ll be okay, but don’t worry. I’ll take your advice to heart and make sure to read the system requirements!

(Of course, this nixes the idea of installing it on the 486.)

This is from my husband, computer gaming geek extraordinare:

Sure you can. You need a tile set (a world) and objects (creatures and things). Try going to and look at the resources they have there