Question for Texans

What is a “roughneck”? I gather from reading Larry McMurtry that it’s a profession, something to do with oil, but what is one exactly?

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—Red Green

Laborer on a well-drilling rig–although it has probably extended to guys in refineries and similar places by now.


Here’s a more serious question, to be mulled over by the Texans among the Teeming Millions.
Why are suspects arrested in Texas held for so long without proper process (i.e., contacting an attorney, formal charges filed, preliminary hearing scheduled, etc)?
This has become a contemporary issue, inasmuch as George W. Bush, as governor, recently vetoed a bill passed by the Texas State Legislature to make the pretrial criminal process less oppressive (and, perhaps, more in harmony with the Bill of Rights).
I hope Texans take this as food for thought and not an attack on them or the Lone Star State in general. :slight_smile: