Question: is there a way to add extra buttons in the textbox?

I mean, using the existing options in Discourse. Is there a way to define buttons that would surround selected text with additional markup? There was in vBulletin, without any real plugins.

There are some it would be nice to add, like a small button or an underline button. Also, currently, the upload button doesn’t work, so it would be nice to remove it.

I’m curious if you can do this without having to install extra stuff: just admin-defined buttons.

You can do literally anything via local client-side browser modifications / injection. It’s very technical, but especially possible in Discourse, because we’re a JavaScript application that runs in the browser.

Oh, I know it’s always technically possible. I’m more asking how easy it is. And I don’t just mean client-side. I’m wondering if Discourse was designed around the possibility of customizing buttons. Or, if not, is there a plugin that makes it simple to just add your own buttons and hide existing ones? Different communities will often have markup they use more or less often, so I think it would be a useful feature. If it’s easy enough, I have some recommendations.

That’s not to say I won’t also explore it client-side for things I might like that others wouldn’t, or even just for testing purposes. But, even then, if Discourse is designed for it, it would be a lot easier. On vBulletin, it was as simple as adding some <LI> element and having their click event invoke an already existing function that would wrap any selected text with a user-specified tag. So something like textbox.tag('sup') would give me a superscript button.