Question on .info domain names

I have a client who is trying to transfer her .info domain to our preferred registrar, OpenSRS. When she went to approve the transfer (it is currently registered at it asked for an “auth code”. OpenSRS and Afilias had some info on this and basically said that when you register a .info domain, the Registrar is REQUIRED to give you this 8-digit auth code. Long story short, wont give it to us. I have emailed Afilias and they sent my info back over to - Register still has not replied. I have tried opening tickets, calling, emailing… still no auth code. Has anyone else run into this issue?

I have posted this on some tech message boards, and no one seems to know anything about it. How about you guys??

You get your new registrar to deal with your old registrar. That’s why you pay them.

Technically, we are trying to be the new registrar - this is my client I am trying to do this for, I am not the customer. That is why I have contacted OpenSRS, who is our vendor and I have also contacted Afilias/ICAAN. So really, this is why she is paying US. OpenSRS says we need to contact Afilias/ICAAN, and when I did that, they said they sent my info to to try and get it. I never heard anything. When I tried to follow-up with Afilias, I couldnt ever get a response back.