Questions about Guitar Hero Metallica for Wii

We have a new Wii (that was fun to write!). I am interested in the Guitar Hero Metallica game, but I’ve only ever seen the game as a stand-alone cartridge,and not for sale with the guitar controller. In fact, the stores near me don’t seem to have any Wii guitar controllers, but I assume they exist.

So, will the game work if I buy just the cartridge and a used guitar controller (if I ever find one)? Or is there a version of the Metallica game out there somewhere that includes the hardware?

Also, any reviews of the game would be welcomed.

It’s surprising that you are having this much difficulty finding a stand alone Guitar Hero controller. As of a few months back they were all over the place at Walmart, Target and Best Buy.

I would try an online retailer.

Here is one that has free shipping for $26, works with Guitar Hero, Rock Band 2, and Rock Band Beatles: