Questions about Hysteroscopy

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for quite awhile with no success so we went to a specialist. As part of it, I had an SHG which showed “something” in my uterus and that my uterus could not hold water. Then yesterday, I had a HSG (which was the most painful thing in my life) which showed that my left fallopian tube was blocked and that there is something on the left side of my uterus that my physician thinks might be a cyst. As a result, I am having a hysteroscopy. I am scared for several reasons - first, I have never had any type of surgery in my life, I haven’t even had a cavity. Second, I’m afraid that I’ll find out that I will never be able to get pregnant. So, I would love some input from those of you who have had a hysteroscopy as to what to expect, will I be in pain afterward, can I go to work the next day (of course I just started a new job), etc. Also, I want a meeting with my doctor before the surgery to discuss everything, including what to expect, what the problem could be etc. I would love some advice as to the type of questions to ask, including those from people who had one already and wished they asked a certain question before they went into the procedure. Thanks everyone in advance for your help.

Google search to get you started.

I’m sure a resident MD will be along shortly to help.

thanks Duckster, I appreciate your help.

I had a hysteroscopy two years ago for fibroids, and in retrospect it was a complete no-brainer, far below the level of aggravation of a visit to the dentist.

Two things I learned for next time:

When they say “clear liquids only after midnight”, this does not mean orange juice. Orange juice is not a clear liquid, apparently. I incurred much health professional wrath from the nurse by having drunk orange juice before I came in. I had to drink some kind of really nasty stomach de-acidifier to make the anesthesiologist happy. Everyone standing around smiled to see me having to gulp it down. “Teach her not to follow doctor’s orders [snicker]…” Humiliations galore.

And, do your pre-admission paperwork stuff, like, the day before, or even the week before. (They did mine on an outpatient basis.) You aren’t gonna want to wait around Admitting filling out forms at 6:00 a.m. You want to be able to just walk in and go.

But other than those two things, everything was fine. It didn’t affect my sex life, it didn’t hurt afterwards. I went in, I got yelled at, I drank some nasty stuff (which was my own fault apparently), I went to sleep, I woke up, I went home.

Have someone drive you home, you’ll be groggy.

And as for having the day off work the next day–hah. It is to laugh.

Thanks Duck Duck - that’s exactly the kind of info I wanted. It seems like the ducks are all out helping me!

Clear liquids are those you can see through:
apple juice
thin broth
also jello and popsicles
No milk, no oj, no colas, no yogurt drinks