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Without spending excessive time on backstory, we have a Sirius XM receiver in our home, continually tuned to “Siriusly Sinatra,” the Frank Sinatra tribute channel. Unlike a Panera channel, it’s pretty Sinatra-heavy progmamming, although a lot of other artists get played, too. Anyway, my question about this is: why are they playing Baby, It’s Cold Outside so often? It’s frikkin’ MAY, fercryinoutloud!

Next, I also have it in my car, with a number of the presets tuned to comedy channels, so I can switch to a different channel if a commercial, or a talk-format show, or Anthony Jeselnik comes on. My question about this is: why do some of the channels on the radio, for which I’m paying a monthly fee for the programming, have COMMERCIALS?

If the channel is a re-broadcast of another radio or TV broadcast (CNN or one of the LA radio stations), then they will play commercials when those stations go to commercial. They also play commercials advertising other channels that they have. For example, they’ve been playing an extremely annoying commercial about the “prom” channel that’s running on a short term basis. During the Holiday season they’ll tell you which channels are playing the various types of holiday music (classical, traditional, country, pop, etc). They also will run commercials on the XM app.

Can’t help you on the Sinatra channel.

My theory is that SiriusXM is tailored for people who are commuting. Their program is exactly 1 hour long, and they replay the same program over and over and over all day long for a week, maybe a month, then create a new 1 hour program.

I pretty much hear the same songs during my 1 hour morning commute as I hear during my 1 hour evening commute. Thank og I have 18 presets!

This. While most, if not all, of the music channels are pretty much* commercial-free, many of the talk channels (particularly the simulcasts of TV channels and the sports channels) do run ads.

    • On most of the music stations that I listen to, they do run promotional ads for other SiriusXM channels and events, but those are fairly limited, probably no more than a minute or two per hour.

This seems to me to be particularly true of the music channels that have fairly narrow focuses (e.g., the single-artist channels, as well as narrow themes like Yacht Rock).

I’ve had Sirius in my car for years, but recently put the SiriusXM app on the Amazon Fire stick on my TV. I’ll listen to it while I’m working at home, and I noticed that Yacht Rock seems to only have 2 or 3 hours of different songs.

A Panera channel? Autocorrect get you on that one?

I think this is one of those things that is not only misleading but something that could be really easily cleared up by XM and cause them to get so many fewer complaints about their service. They advertise something like 100 commercial free music stations. Then what happens is you get the service, here a ton of commercials (actual commercials, like you would on regular radio or TV) and get annoyed. They need to more clearly explain that you get 200 (or more or less depending on the package) stations of which 100 of them are commercial free music stations. The remainder of them may have commercials.
Find an elegant (and factual) way to say that instead of just “100 commercial free music stations” and they’d probably get a lot less people calling up to complain/cancel and badmouth them on the internet.

Another problem is that their customer service is horrendous. I despise each year/6 months when I have to call them to renew my contract so that I can keep paying $5 a month instead of $15. Everything about that is horrible and could be so easily fixed.

Same reason all of the channels on your cable TV (for which you’re paying a monthly fee) have commercials. They need to make money to stay in business.
And they’ve only ever advertised the music channels as being commercial-free. Not the talk channels.

Why do some of the channels on the TV, for which I’m paying a monthly fee for the programming, have COMMERCIALS?

Why do some of the pages in the newspaper, for which I’m paying a monthly fee for the subscription, have ADS?

Why do some parts of the bus, for which I’m paying a daily fare for the ride, have ADS?

I don’t hear ads on Sirius music channels. When there is no DJ present, the music channels operate like an iPod on shuffle with a channel-specific playlist. The randomizer doesn’t know it’s not cold outside. When a live DJ is talking between songs, then they are most likely choosing material and adding a little commentary.

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I don’t know, why?