Sirius Commercial-Free Radio has Commercials. Huh?

I got Sirius Satellite Radio for XMas, and I’ve got a beef with them. Commercials. WTF?!? They spend a ton of time advertising “Commercial-Free Broadcast”, but it just ain’t the case. There are commercials for Subaru (Subaru sells cars here in New England, for those of you living anywhere else), debt-reduction service, loan consolidation, and a few others.

Anyways, I don’t feel strongly about it to take it to the Pit, and I am very pleased with it otherwise. I just can’t help feeling duped somehow.

Sirius and XM are not entirely commercial-free. Most of their music channels are, though. They also carry some programming that’s also broadcast terrestrially, and they’ll have ads. I don’t have satellite radio, myself, but I’ve read that they have more than a hundred music channels without ads.

Precisely. The music channels are commercial-free. The talk, sports, and comedy channels have commercials.

Sorry for the hijack, but I was wondering this earlier today and this is almost a good thread to ask it in: How do you pronouce Sirius?

I don’t know how to pronounce Sirius, but I do know how to spell pronounce.

I can’t believe you are serious in asking that question, in a Sirius format like this.

Just like that. :wink:

I kind of felt the same way when I got XM last February. Then I noticed that their advertisements all said things like “commercial-free music” or “hundreds of commercial-free channels” and not anything like “entirely commercial free!”

Even the “commercial-free” music channels have promos for that channel (why?) and other channels and programs on XM. That threw me for a little while.

Even when it’s Harry Potter’s godfather? :smack:

The music channels won’t have traditional commercials. They will have 30 second promo spots for other channels about twice an hour. Usually though, they’re related to the channel. You won’t hear about hip hop programming on a classical station. The talk stations will have commercials.

Also, some times there are “sponsored” programs. Annoying, but better than endless commericals. I’d rather hear, “The xxx program presented by Lexus,” than spend 15 minutes listening to Big Al’s Lexus dealership has the lowest…"