Questions about the Chinese language(s)

Hello-- I’m wondering if there is a written form of Chinese that most Chinese-born-and-educated people would be able to read?

If so, could someone who speaks Chinese type out a sentence for me that I could cut, paste, and print?

I want to say:

Give me back my tomato plant!

Failing that, perhaps someone knows where I could reliably translate and transliterate this sentence online? I do not have full confidence in Google translate; I don’t want to accidentally end up saying “please emancipate my moustache” or anything like that.


The intended audience of said note being your landlord?

Print out a picture of someone angrily holding a tomato plant.

Or 返回我的番茄!is good enough (return my tomato)

ETA: And to answer your question, yes. Simplified Chinese is readable by most Chinese speakers. People in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau prefer the Traditional characters, but they can usually at least guess enough of the simplified characters to figure out general meanings.



搜寻失踪番茄. 如有琐闻, 请紧急拨打 555 1234.

What tone are you aiming for? Angry, polite or Liam Neeson (I don’t know who you are, I don’t know what you want…)? Are you writing a poster, or a message to a specific person?

I don’t know if you meant this, but it sounds like a famous quote (return my country):

Just thought most Dopers wouldn’t get it.

well you got it :wink: and i believe most Chinese dopers will, even if they’re not sure where from. at least i think it sounds stronger and more authoritative than Reply’s version, which sounds odd to me, like you’re directly beseeching the tomatoes or something.