Questions about the new name change rule

According to this thread , there is now a rule that a SDMB member is allowed to change their username only once. Where is this rule posted? When did it take effect? Is a person who had a name change prior to the implementation of the rule allowed to request one name change following the implementation of the rule?

Dex’s post in this thread (it’s the last post) mentions it. So it’s at least a year old.

The one-name change limit has been around for a lonnnnnng time.

Way back when, when we moved from AOL, there had been a nine-character limit on names, so people were allowed to expand. After that brief interlude, we didn’t allow ANY name changes at all, to speak of. There may have been an exception or two – for instance, Hence, we’re not too worried about “grandfathering” anyone.

Since exceptions prove the rule, there could be extremely unusual circumstances that might get us to consider a second name change, but they’d be extreme and unusual. We’re not inflexible, but our goal is to build a community here. You don’t build a community if people can hide under anonymity, or change identities every coupla weeks.

Thanks. I really have read the rules. That one must have slipped my mind.