Questions about this board?

  1. Can I delete my questions
  2. Can I make my profile private only to me
  3. Can I edit the title of my posts that I want- on a few other vBulliten boards I have manage to see someone doubble click on a title of a thread to change it
  4. How can I change my username if I don’t like it?

1.) No.
2.) Huh? You can ignore people, if that’s what you mean. To do this visit the person’s profile and click on the “User Lists” button under their name. Select “Add To Ignore List” in the drop-down menu. Now whenever they post you’ll see a reminder that you have them muted rather than whatever it is they posted.
3.) No. You can request thread title changes from a moderator. Just report your own thread by clicking on the red triangle in the upper right of the post and make the request.
4.) Make a request to a moderator. You can either make a thread with the request or send a PM. They’ll only let you do this every so often.

  1. Click on “User CP” at the far left of the blue bar near the top of the screen -> Click “Profile Privacy” -> Adjust settings to your liking

There’s no option for “private,” but if you set everything to “Your Friends” and don’t make any “Friends” on the board (it’s a useless feature that almost no one uses), that should effectively make your profile invisible to everyone but you.

Yeah, who needs them? I don’t like any of you guys.

Oh, you mean the vBulletin feature.


  1. Once you create a post (and hit submit) the post is there to stay. You have a five minute window to edit your post. If you want, you can change the entire body of the post to say “sorry, deleted” or something to that effect, but you can’t actually remove the post.

  2. You can’t completely hide your profile. You do have a fair amount of control over what shows up to others though.

  3. You can’t edit the thread title. As AClockworkMelon said, we do occasionally fix thread titles if requested to do so.

  4. Name changes have to be done by an admin. A moderator can’t do it, but if you send the request to a moderator we’ll get you in touch with the right person. Contact information for mods and admins is in the FAQ.

The good news is this.

If you’re famous, have a lot of money or can write a believable letter from a lawyer you’re golden.

Otherwise …

Everyone here is equal!

Some are just more equal than others.

Stick to the thread topic, Oliveritaly.

  1. After posting, you have a five minute window to edit. If you need an edit after that, contact a moderator. We generally won’t delete a post, but if you’ve got a serious spelling mistake (“now” when you meant “not”) or screwed up link or something, we’re glad to help by editing. In extreme circumstances, we have deleted posts.

  2. As per DcnDc, click on “User CP” and “Profile Privacy” and you have various options. If you make the profile available only to “friends” and you don’t authorize any other posters as “friends,” then it will be private only for you.

  3. If you want a thread title or post title changed, email or PM a moderator. We’re usually glad to oblige (there are rare exceptions, depending on the circumstances.)

  4. To change your username, contact a moderator. They can’t do it directly, but they can get it done. We’re almost always able to oblige on this (the exceptions are (a) if someone already has the same or a very similar name; or (b) we find the name inappropriately racist, sexist, or in poor taste.)